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I love my pair but can say that the eyecups are not very confortables for the 10mm of eye-relief. } There are small mechanical differences however and they do not carry the DDR imprint. (1897) 8412. There are a lot out there but you need to be careful to avoid fakes, damaged goods and over-pricing. var d = new Date(); if(tmodel.match("test_ob")!=null) Condition is "Used". }, You can also compare binoculars side-by-side, Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss Jena D.R.P Anastigmag 195/9 84984 Carl Zeiss Jena series Ic 180/4,5 399520 Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 135/4,5 2131960 Carl Zeiss Planar 80/2.8 4120253 Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 250/4,5 5637142 Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Tessar 300/4,5 3538 Carl Zeiss Jena … This binocular was serial numbered according to the circa 1943-1945 “Militärglas-Kurznummernkreis”, but if dated according to the original series would appear to have been manufactured in 1899. Summary: Good quality and build after 40 years no sign of fungus or flowering on lenses. var tab=tmodel.split("test_set"); window.location='index.html?test=set&test_set='+tab[1]; - A little expensive on second hand market, Pros: - Clear, razor sharp and bright (a lot of details) in the center' spot. //alert(tab[1]) Why don't you just send an email to carl zeiss with the serial number of the lens. var tab=tmodel.split("test_ap"); return wyb; Eplan p8 vs autocad electrical. var prod=document.getElementById('producent').options[document.getElementById('producent').selectedIndex].value; £95.00. It may have been made this way so that the binocular could be used while wearing glasses, goggles or a gasmask. { The Zeiss are Jenoptem 10x50W - the \"W\" is wide view I think - the circle of vision is bigger. Free shipping for many products! The Dekaris 10x50 model featured an individual focusing system and the Dekarem 10x50 – a central focusing system. With 8X32B zoom. Click & Collect. Also ist scratches very easily. And last but not least: this machine is a piece of history which keeps its value and is able to take you back in time. url="ajax.php?cel=test_obiektyw&producent="+prod+"&obiektyw="+wartosc_sel+"&typ="+typ+"&moc="+moc+"&typ_pola=model"+ptest+"&token="+start; var powiekszenie=document.getElementById('powiekszenie').options[document.getElementById('powiekszenie').selectedIndex].value; WW2 Kriegsmarine 10x50 Carl Zeiss Jena Dienstglas Binoculars. { } var prod=document.getElementById('producent').options[document.getElementById('producent').selectedIndex].value; } - Great for astronomical use and low light observations Cons: No lens covers even though they come with a beautiful real leather case. Sharp image in the center of the field. alert("Your browser does not support XMLHTTP. Great focal range and magnification. . Manufacturer/Model: Carl Zeiss Jena, Dienstglas 10X50 Field of View: 7.3 deg = 128 m/1,000 m; APFOV 51 deg Weight: 891 gr Exit Pupil: 5 mm Serial #/Year of Manufacture: 15906 = 1943-1944 Notes: The blc marking on the right prism plate is the German wartime code for the manufacturer, Carl Zeiss Jena. In black with focal mechanisms that still work. Hi everyone, I have a pair of Carl Zeiss Binoculars and I was wondering if they were real or not. var forma=document.getElementById('forma'); Carl Zeiss Jena Deltrintem 8x30. var pix=document.getElementById('pix').options[document.getElementById('pix').selectedIndex].value; 7 years } if (cel=="obiektyw") Ending 9 Dec at 10:07PM GMT 4d 16h. function OptyczneAjax(wartosc_sel,cel) The + marking is a lubricant code. 9 years BirdForum is the net's largest birding community. var d = new Date(); Perfect collimation+ Summary: An optical Instrument witch made history . ), Summary: One of the best 10X50 ever manufactured and very pleasant to use. xmlhttp.send(null); { } AllAlpen OpticsAPM TelescopesApogeeATNBarskaBlaserBreaker OpticalBresserBrowningBruntonBurgess OpticalBurris OpticsBushnellBynolytCanonCarl ZeissCarl Zeiss JenaCelestronCometDelta OpticalDocterEco-VisionEcotoneEschenbachExaktaFocus NordicFomeiFujinonGPOHawkeHeliosIORKahlesKaps OptikKenkoKonica MinoltaKowaLeicaLeidoryLeitzLeupoldLevenhukLunt EngineeringMeadeMeoptaMinoxMiyauchiMonk OpticsNikonNoblexNorconiaOberwerkOlivonOlympusOpticronOptisanOptolythOrionPentaxPrakticaPZOSimaluxSimmonsSoligorSteinerSwarovskiSwift OpticsTascoVanguardVixenVortexWeaverWilliam OpticsWinchesterYukonZen-Ray OpticsZhumellZOMZ Zagorsk, Magnification: I find it problematic that the binocular can esily be knocked out fo collimation. I have several different binoculars including marine binoculars but these Carl Zeiss Jena Jenoptem binoculars 10x50 are certainly the best for clarity by far. { var typ=document.getElementById('typ').options[document.getElementById('typ').selectedIndex].value; Nowadays this is totally outdated - mediocre . var prod=document.getElementById('producent').options[document.getElementById('producent').selectedIndex].value; window.location='index.html?test=aparat&test_ap='+tab[1]; } £4.00 postage. With the eyecups removed blackouts are not a problem because the metal ring the eyecup screws onto projects 4 mm beyond the surface of the eyelens which prevents the viewer’s eyes getting too close to them. Sharp centre vision. 4 years I dropped once & knocked them out of collimation. ptest="&przetest=1"; xmlhttp.onreadystatechange=state_Change; var d = new Date(); var prod=document.getElementById('producent').options[document.getElementById('producent').selectedIndex].value; Also, very slight, but the old Zeiss do have a slightly yellower tinge and not such high contrast as the modern Helios which keep the cool colours and high contrast on a cloudy day. Posted: Thu May 01, 2008 11:07 am Post subject: Carl Zeiss Jena lenses Issue date by serial number Attila wrote: 137,418-200,520 1912 208,473-249,350 1913 { 6 years £10.00 postage. } /* ]]> */ A few words about this model and its origins and evolutions. Summary: I got this machine recently but in fact I\'ve known it for years as I bought it from my friend\'s father. var url=set_url(wartosc_sel,cel); - Eye relief is just 10mm if (document.getElementById('przetest').checked) ptest="&przetest=1"; var ot = {"adminUrl": '/', "gallery_id": "", "galleryCat": "", "imageUrl": 'images/', "cssUrl": 'css_new/', "themeUrl": '/'}; //alert(out.innerHTML); var d = new Date(); The Zeiss 10x magnification does make a slight improvement in resolution - expecially around the centre of vision. Cons: had to be repaired once ,chipped prism, Summary: classic binoculars get a lot of pleasure from them. A great pair of vintage binoculars, still good for use or a collector. //alert(xmlhttp.responseText); } Carl Zeiss Binocular Serial Numbers. Leather strap is intact and present. Allto 7xfrom 8 to 9xfrom 10 to 11xfrom 12 to 13xfrom 14 to 16xfrom 17 to 25xabove 26x, Lens diameter: Superb Carl Zeiss Jena Jenoptem 10x50 w Binoculars with Case. }); Pros: A real binocular and not a plastic toy! //alert(tab[1]) { { { On the list of Zeiss binoculars, this item is first showing up in 1920, along with the center focus version called Deltrintem. { /*

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