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View FORM_705-ACFT_OCT18.pdf from AA 1PLEASE WRITE LEGIBLY ARMY COMBAT FITNESS TEST SCORECARD For use of this form, see ACFT Field Testing Manual and CALL No. ACFT Gear List – Official gear list for running the ACFT. ACFT IOC . Local Form 705-ACFT, October 2018 - This is a fillable Army Combat Fitness Test … 1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020 . Evolution and adaptability are the cornerstones of our force. marine service book (s&i, department of the army, marine qualification division, career sea pay office, building 705, room 12, fort eustis, va 23604-5407) G-1 DA FORM 3068-1 Initial Operation Capability . The latest adjustments come on the heels of the Army's initial message that the age- and gender-neutral ACFT will replace the nearly 40-year-old Army Physical Fitness Test, or APFT. Army Combat Fitness Test . APFT - ARMY PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST DA FORM 705, MAY 2010 LEGEND: APD PE v1.00ES. The Below references are taken from the Official Army Doctrine Website https://armypubs.army.mil/ Download FM7-22 Army Physical Readiness Training (Oct 2012): This FM is the Primary Reference for developing soldier fitness. FY20 ACFT Event Poster; Additional. FY20 ACFT Quick Reference Guide - Administrative changes to ACFT procedures for the IOC period, 1 OCT 2019 – 30 SEP 2020. This app was created to prepare you and your unit to be combat effective on and off the battlefield. Of Note Chapter A-1 contains the APFT procedures ... ACFT Scorecard v3 08 OCT 2019.xlsx America's best Army Combat fitness Test (ACFT) app acft calc MOS Calc The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) is here to stay. APFT - ARMY PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST DA FORM 705, JUNE 1999 LEGEND: BODY COMPOSITION EVENT TIME lbs % GO / NO-GO Title DA form 705 Authority 5 USC Section 301 Disclosure of requested information is mandatory. 18-37 NAME (Last, First, DA Form 705 (from your unit within 180 days scoring at minimum 230 total points with no less than 70 points in each event) ... we recommend they train to meet or exceed the current ACFT 'Black' standards for the hand release push-up and the leg tuck. Title: Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard Author: APD Subject: DA FORM 705, MAY 2010 Created Date: 9/15/2020 3:15:53 PM The principal purpose and routine use of The ACFT (Army Combat Fitness Test) App is full of features. OCT 2019 ACFT IOC i . Male point scores are indicated by the M at the top and bottom of the shaded column. Individuals not providing information cannot be rated/scored. DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Scoring standards are used to convert raw scores to point scores after test events are completed. ARMY COMBAT FITNESS TEST SCORECARD 3 REPETITION MAXIMUM DEADLIFT: weight lifted ‐ circle heaviest (lbs) STANDING POWER THROW: distance thrown ‐ circle longest (meters.tenths) Re‐throw only used if double fault For use of this form, See FM 7‐22; the proponent agency is TRADOC.

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