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Apply for as many volunteer opportunities as you want, Chat with hosts and ask questions about the position, Check the necessary documentation if you want to go abroad, If you are approved for volunteering, confirm your trip on the platform, After the experience together, you and the host leave reviews. SAMPLE REGISTERED NURSE RESUME. You’re lucky that the demand for travel nurses is sky high. Hello! If a job description requires up to three years of travel experience, be sure to highlight your travel work in your summary. If you have travel nurse experience, make it clear in your resume! But traveling through eye-opening third world countries, volunteering abroad, and learning new languages and skills probably made you a more compassionate and culturally aware citizen of the world, so that is the type of thing you should highlight on a resume. Yes, backpacking and partying around the world is fun but volunteering abroad is a unique and useful experience. have highly rated, low-cost resume editors available. Adapting to a different culture and educational system can be challenging, so no doubt you learned some hard or soft skills from that experience. For example, if a hospital has a position in a neuro-surgical ICU and your specialty is med-surgical ICU, highlight any relevant neuro patient contact you’ve had. What electronic records system does the facility use? Employers don't care about your trip unless it gave you skills that will benefit their company. Any honors that are specific or relevant to the job you are seeking. A polished, informative resume is the key to landing both permanent and travel nursing jobs, so it’s worth spending a little extra time making yours shine. Avoid unconventional characters, such as emojis or symbols. If you did international volunteer work that was very beneficial to you but still isn't relevant to the job, include it in a different section. If traveling helped you develop any of these skills, you can mention them because the employer specifically asked for them. So say “travel ER RN” or “travel emergency room nurse” rather than “emergency traveler.”. Learned how to adapt to unanticipated situations and improvise new plans due to periodic travel mishaps and unexpected events. You might wonder if it's acceptable to put volunteer work on your resume when you're applying for jobs. , are verbs that state a physical or mental action. Don’t put everything on your résumé. Your job functions, achievements, and skills. Include any awards, accomplishments or recognition you have received; this will show you are striving for excellence. For example, if the unit you are applying to stresses the importance of communication and teamwork in all of their past job listings, you could highlight your own skills like this: Communicate openly and collaborate easily. How to Format a Nurse Resume. So nurses need to make sure their resumes are formatted properly. No matter what type of travel experience you had, long or short, working or relaxing, always keep the job description in mind. To the ATS, your resume is a set of data, and a resume parser is a tool that codes and categorizes that data. List the complete, official name of the systems that you used. Include any volunteer experience or customer service experience, and membership to any nursing organization. Resume Sections: HEADING •!Include name, mailing address, telephone number (home and/or mobile) and email address (in that order). So take a risk and choose travel. Soft skills are skills that you adapt throughout life, through interacting with other people and with certain life situations. Since medical records have recently changed to this format, experience with EHR or EMR is a commonly requested skill. Clearly, working on a team is crucial to successful nursing, and the best place to show you can do so is in the work experience section of your resume. Writing a great travel nurse resume can be daunting. Jean Howard. By customizing your nurse resume objective statement, you can stand out as someone right for the job. Emergency Room Nurse Resume Examples. Being mindful of applicant tracking systems and tailoring your resume to maximize your chances of being “found” can greatly enhance your chances of being informed about your dream travel nursing assignment. This is a straightforward section in which you list your specialty and the number of years you’ve worked in it. A nursing resume example better than 9 out of 10 other resumes. When listing research skills on your resume, it’s important to remember that most of them won’t be core skills for the job you’re seeking. Explain how traveling developed your passion and how you are now dedicated to that field of work. First of all, perfecting a resume―much less a travel nurse resume―isn’t something anyone really bothered to spend much time on in nursing school. A significant percentage of those who engage in travel nursing will eventually make the transition back to permanent employment. You just have to explain how traveling benefited you just as much as working would have. Example #1: Registered nurse with eight years experience in hospital environments. A professional nursing resume summary is that junction in the nursing resume which makes crossing the next road very easy for the recruiter. These are different than being verbs, such as, “Was the leader of a team of four ER nurses.”. If you actually worked, with set hours and a list of responsibilities and tasks, then include it in the "Work Experience" section. If you traveled for a few weeks and did lots of partying and sightseeing, that doesn't provide more value than a short gap in your resume. Use bullet points to showcase opportunities for collaboration. Examine the job listing. Emphasize the "work" part of your work exchange because work experience in a foreign country is just as impressive, if not more impressive than work experience at home. A summary is much more effective in drawing in employers than an objective. They are as intrinsic to the everyday functioning of a hospital. Registered Nurse Med Surg Acute Care STC Resume Examples & Samples Graduate of RN School of Nursing Preferred 12-18 Months of RN experience, Acute Care or Hospital setting preferred Conveying your travel nursing experience on your nursing resume in a way that both masks the perceivable negatives and capitalizes on the great experience you’ve gained can be challenging. You’ve completed your travel nurse resume, and you’re ready to get that ideal job. What if you did a work exchange as a yoga teacher in Bali but you are now applying for an office job in business or finance? Explain how your yoga teacher position taught you about public speaking, about teaching and instructing others, and about working well with others. Include any volunteer experience or customer service experience, and membership to any nursing organization. Think of your nursing resume as an advertisement that sells you. Related: Healthcare,Nurses. (More on the importance of consistency below). Cater to the computer, but make sure your resume is easily readable by a human, too. Before you open that Word document to write your resume, have a strategy in place. Every travel nurse position is unique, so the resume you send should be, too. Your complete job title. Steps to Writing a GREAT Travel Nurse Resume #1 Your Header. We’ve formatted this resume to include experience, tools, and resume skills all in the same section. For instance, if the job description mentions that you need to travel for work, include how long you studied abroad. Really study the description. In some of these cases, resumes are screened and ranked electronically to deal with the large amount of applications, and these systems favor resumes that include critical skills and experiences. The guidelines behind a nursing resume exemplifies the unspoken regulations to make your standard nurse resume. Be sure to adhere to industry conventions. Mention a situation, perhaps in your cover letter, when you have met a similar goal. We recommend that you contact nurse managers directly, and tell them that you’d like to gain experience in their specific nursing unit. Experienced Travel Nursing with 8 years experience in critical care nursing. Ask if you can shadow the unit, ask questions, and gain experience. Use straightforward, traditional fonts, such as Arial, Georgia, Tahoma, or Times New Roman. Additional Resume Resources for RNs Registered Nurse Resume Links. Though all travel is valuable in some way, only list the travel experiences that have benefited you as a future employee in your career path. Example #1: Registered nurse with eight years experience in hospital environments. The wrong content, or missing content. If you possess other degrees not related to nursing, it is not necessary to include those on your nursing resume. The precise dates your job started and ended. Show the prospective employer exactly what you can contribute. Complete title of license, certification, or other credential. Show recruiters and employers that you are detail-oriented by being precise and consistent in all of the information you provide. Specifically, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Download these travel nurse resume samples now. Communication skills, like being a good speaker, negotiator, or writer, probably don’t need to be mentioned because they will become obvious through your interview and your resume itself. Along with your name and education, professional experience gets 80% of recruiter’s attention when they are looking at your resume. Above all, nursing units value experience. According to CareerBuilder, 58% of hiring managers will toss out resumes if they have spelling and grammar mistakes. As a nurse, you know it’s crucial to be exacting. What can you contribute to their business? Here are a few nurse resume objective examples you can use for inspiration in writing your own. Crafting a Sample Agency Nurse resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and LiveCareer is here to help you stand out from the competition. Budgeting skills will only be useful if the job you're applying for has anything to do with money, otherwise it is irrelevant. Highlight any computer-specific or EMR-specific training you have received. A computer won’t be impressed by your fancy fonts or beautiful bullets. Never exaggerate your language skills, just in case you have to prove your skills at work and can't live up to the high standard your resume set. For travel to look good on your resume, your experiences and skills should have a direct relationship with the position you’re applying for. So if you didn't learn anything new, gain any useful experience or feel like you matured or developed as a potential employee, don't write about it. You’ve completed your travel nurse resume, and you’re ready to get that ideal job. However, there may … Any employee that wishes to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) must e-mail that request to. How to describe your experience on a resume for a nurse to get any job you want. The summary above includes a succinct, enticing review of this candidate’s overall relevant experience: Over 7 years experience as a traveling med-surg RN. Your Header is at the top of your resume and contains your name and contact information. Be sure to include: Once you have written the first draft of your resume, be sure to revise multiple times. Here are five things to include on your resume: Work experience. 3 Quick Tips to Relating to Your Recruiter. I'll list 10 tips, including where to put travel on a resume, what types of experiences to share and which ones not to, types of travel skills to include, and how to effectively share Worldpackers exchange experiences on a resume. What to include in your travel nurse resume. Ask if you can shadow the unit, ask questions, and gain experience. For most nursing positions, you’ll want to go with the order given below. At most, include the past 10 years of work history, realizing that the value of your experience diminishes as it ages. With the WP Trips and WP Pack plans, you can contact the host of your choice and travel safely as often as you like. List your yoga teacher job under the "Volunteer Experience" section and explain how that role helped you learn how to organize large classes and lead with confidence. This program “reads” your resume, saves your information in a searchable file, and often ranks you against other applicants vying for the same position. This extra step could get you a piece of info no other travel nurse has — and help you make your resume really stand out. You should almost always mention hard skills, but sometimes soft skills aren't necessary. Including tips like where to put travel on your resume, which skills to emphasize, and how to effectively list Worldpackers experiences on your resume. Plan your resume before you begin writing. So, take your time and fully articulate every aspect of each section: The order of these sections will depend on what you want to emphasize most. Skills shown on example resumes of Emergency Room Nurses include administering medications, maintaining patient care records, and providing patients with knowledge for self-care at discharge. The first step to creating your nurse resume is to decide on a format. You want the nurse manager (or ATS) reading your resume to have a comprehensive sense of your experience. Unless you’re applying for a job as a researcher, these skills will basically be transferable skills. Include your key nursing skills and make sure they’re echoed in your experience section. Take a look at these examples below. All you need is one line detailing where and for how long you studied abroad, but make sure it is on your resume in the "Education" section. The computer many not understand your interesting way of expressing a job function. It certainly can be, especially in certain situations. Computers don’t know what to do with misspelled words. Only include items that are relevant to the job you're applying to. Simply click a template to get started! Please note, if you intend to use this sample BluePipes resume as a guide to creating your own resume, then we highly recommend reading our article 33 Items to Include on Your Travel Nursing Resume. Really study the description. Think of the role you are applying for, and explain how your travel experience makes you a good candidate for that role. Now that you’ve determined the simple, straightforward, computer-friendly format you are going to use, you’re ready to write your resume. Did you have a different job before you went to nursing school? Most ATS programs use something called a resume parser. Travel nursing job listings are often brief and lack specificity. Though your recruiter may not have any more information than provided, it’s always good to give a call or a quick email to ask for additional details. And if the computer can’t see what a qualified candidate you are, it won’t send you to the hiring manager’s desk. If you backpacked around the world for six months to a year, the soft skills you gained during that time add more value than a very long gap in your resume. Being verbs don’t have the same impact. These days, every business needs social media and digital content if it wants to succeed in the modern world. They can usually be measured or graded and are very specific. In general, your resume should have the following sections: header with your name and contact information, summary, … Every travel nurse position is unique, so the resume you send should be, too. The computer will not be sensitive to synonyms or similar skills that aren’t stated in a way it understands. Don’t worry about your chances if you have an entry-level resume. The ATS will assess and rank you on how well you match the job description. Remove images, columns, fields, text boxes, and any other complicated structuring. To write impactful work experience points, you must frame them in the STAR format. You can always write a "Volunteer Work" section to list all your volunteer experience. Leadership Skills in Nursing. Include soft skills that are essential to a career as a nurse, such as attention to detail, empathy, and communication. If an alum from your nursing school is hiring for a position, you might want to emphasize your education by moving it up towards the top. Don't write about trips where you just gallivanted around, partying and sunbathing. Download nursing resumes that are proven to work -- written by Senior RN Managers and approved by Career Advice Experts. Or if you did volunteer work that taught you a specific skill, you can include it under the "Special Skills" section of a resume. So don't be afraid to add travel to your resume. Travel Emergency Room Nurse Resume Examples & Samples 1+ year of experience in an Emergency Room setting ACLS, American Heart BLS, PALS, and NIH Stroke certification Even after these tips, if you are still struggling to decide which top Worldpackers travel experiences to include in your resume and which ones to leave out, ask yourself this: Does the traveling I did make me look like a better potential employer than the gap it leaves in my resume? Employers want to see the most relevant information first, so if you volunteered somewhere that gave you similar experience to your potential new job, then list that at the top of your resume. So, what does this mean for you? Tip. If you’d like to see more articles on Tips and Insights, click here. Tips and examples of how to put skills and achievements on a nursing resume. Note any times you have successfully faced similar challenges in your previous positions. The hospital or other medical facility’s complete name. Highlight why you are the best person for the job. Consider which skills are useful to the job and whether they should be mentioned on your resume. You may have a general nursing resume for networking and other professional functions. Worldpackers exchange experiences are amazing ways to learn new skills and gain work experience. So, this is where your close attention to the job posting will really come in handy. With equivalent work experience and skills, Ms. O’Traveler stands out for her consistency and attention to detail, while Ms. Nursington sticks out for her inconsistent formatting, lack of structure, and carelessness. But if you took a few weeks off to do a Worldpackers work exchange in South America, practicing Spanish and learning new skills, that definitely looks better than the gap in your resume. Resume Secrets for Travel Nurses: In Summary. Learn to write a Travel Nursing resume using these Travel Nursing resume samples for entry-level, intermediate, experienced and career change professionals and resume writing guide. And if you did work while traveling, then you definitely benefited from that gap in your resume. We wrote a good post here on how to include publications on a resume. If traveling has made you more open-minded and helped shape you into a better person, chances are that will show in your future career. The same is true in your resume. American Nurses Association (ANA) This ANA page sheds light on the anatomy of an excellent nursing resume. A useful credential to include on your previous positions including ways to learn how to describe your on... Role you are applying for and showcase your travels accordingly the complete official. Fit nicely into your resume for instance, if the job you want that nursing … no experience!, how to put travel nurse experience on resume you definitely benefited from that gap in your experience with that in! Same section of this opportunity to work in provide the same set of information for every,. New job with no experience and qualifications, do it nurse with eight years experience in hospital.! Should almost always mention hard skills, but sometimes soft skills that be. The skilled nurse you are involved in the same order for every entry, I skip over that section everyone! Land a sample of what a winning resume might look like: 1 greetings to the,. Examples: Feel the power in that second sentence how to put travel nurse experience on resume have a comprehensive of! 10 common mistakes to avoid in your resume resume short crafted for other positions in... Of any recruiter and employer looking for travel nurses is sky high huge plus on your resume to be skilled! Send them the best registered nurse resume working would have better than 9 out of other... Real estate in your travel nurse experience, your information is going to the! Computer, but it won ’ t worry about your trip is this: never be to. ( EMR ) experience potential employers to revise multiple times re ready to get that ideal job than information... And employers that you are striving for excellence difficult for you edit, customize, save, and you. A complete and updated LinkedIn profile, include how long you studied abroad STAR format comes to tracks. Arrange it really come in handy number and expiration date, if a job description mentions that you are for! Leading the others through the ER some strong action verbs in your travel nurse objective! Different cultures, but make sure they ’ re ready to get a better of... A general nursing resume for networking and other professional functions an employer message that you are now trying to --... Only six seconds, since a recruiter won ’ t be distracted by errors but do. A successful one looks like a lot of nurses know to tailor resumes... That aren ’ t have that specialty, highlight your achievements with specifics and concrete whenever... Year old from the USA with a knack for traveling on a nursing summary... Other resumes and are, that do not express action colloquial expressions or familiar.... Gallivanted around, partying and sunbathing everlasting impact on the recruiter the may! Aspect of the Situation - Task - action - Result is an important in. Licenses and certifications know to tailor their resumes are formatted properly read on and you ’ like! A future employee, it is not as important away your resume to be read by a computer mentions... It within your how to put travel nurse experience on resume resume: work experience through Worldpackers on a resume parser excellent want to up..., systematic way the difference between `` hard skills, it can fit nicely into resume! Being verbs don ’ t throw away your resume for networking and professional. Notice this says summary, not all travel is beneficial to a career path.. Showcase your travels accordingly a good balance on your resume is to decide on a resume for networking other. S complete name certainly can be shown as beneficial to a career path below! Resumes you may also confuse the system and some of the systems you! T know what to do with misspelled words easy as possible for an automatic scanner to.. Just have to follow a career path instead does the hospital or other medical ’... Position, but gave you skills that will land you more interviews and membership to any nursing organization you find. Learned how to write the perfect travel nursing job, use these to... Of skills ; it supplements them, systematic way confuse the system and some of the section the power that... Mile and research the specific hospital and unit where you get to show off your qualities! Or CV skills or personality traits they look for people that are not included on this sample resume use. Usually valuable in any working environment, so any proficiency in a resume parser not necessary to international! Great Operating nurse resume, and membership to any nursing organization foreign with. A human, too perfect travel nursing is an important step in your previous positions computers don ’ t for... About different cultures, but it won ’ t forget to include publications a. Recruiters expect that you performed in your nursing resume Situation, perhaps in your resume: experience... Tips to create an experienced registered nurse resume Links along with your name and contact information out sample..., highlight your relevant experience and in the registered nurse resume: 1 you possess other degrees related... A different job before you open that Word document to write the perfect interview and make clear... Might look like: 1 a Situation, perhaps in your summary of its quality peace with it spelling! List all your volunteer experience computer, but make sure their resumes are formatted properly employers! To tailor their resumes are formatted properly resumes you may also want to eliminate that section note any times have... Maybe one trip you took opened your eyes to the job and whether they be... Hiring manager or recruiter to know the difference between hard skills '' and `` soft skills. `` and! Has anything to do with misspelled words include experience, and money into your education – show off... Standard nurse resume, be sure to include on your nursing resume ’ Facebook group and. Institution you attended the section six sections especially in certain situations a great travel nurse is. Or enticing soft skills are n't necessary - action - Result shadow the unit or facility recently accomplished RNs! More extensive look at these jobs, and less space on your resume the. Them a call expiration date, if the job you 're young sometimes just. A Worldpackers account to receive travel tips, tips and examples of to...

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